Art Monday 11/07/16: Reverend Frost (Infected)

From time to time, to relieve the anxiety of days and nights, I like to draw things on paper. If I’m feeling like it could use some extra oomph, I’ll sometimes scan it into my computer and add a bit of Photoshop fun. So it is with that prattling little preamble that I am starting a new feature of items from my sketchbooks called Art Monday.

By no means do I consider myself an artist, except in the Art Brut or Outsider Art sense, I merely draw to entertain myself. My artist inspirations/aspirations are Gary Larson humor mixed with the macabre sensibilities of Charles Addams laced with the ennui of Edward Gorey and sprinkled with the decadently deranged Gahan Wilson.

When I drew this last night, I was in a dreadful horror mood and did up a quick little sketch up of a poor man of the cloth. From there, I imported it into my computer and began playing around, erasing old pen marks, dust from the paper, and adding elements to the picture. Because I thought this would make a lovely portrait, I gave it a frame and a gloomy background to produce a piece that I like to call Reverend Frost (Infected).

I’ll leave it to you to create your own little story of what arcane and forbidden evils were visited upon our poor vicar.