Work, work, no write, some Chrimble

Yes, yes, this is your lazy writer finally checking in for a few brilliant paragraphs of wit, wisdom, and winsome prose, not to mention prodigious alliteration and laws of three.

There are two reasons why I’ve been silent. The first one was this: I went full-time at my horrible, no good, hate-it-to-bits convenience store job. I’m more than willing to admit that as, an idler and general hedonist, I’m not made for lifting large cases of Gatorade, standing on my feet for eight hours straight with neither a break or lunch (which, apparently, is legal in Ohio… ‘rah), feeling no connection to most of my customers or co-workers, and generally grumping at my total and utter underemployment. For forty hours a week, which is kind of hard on a bod like mine. As Willie Dixon preached, “I’m built for comfort; I ain’t built for speed“.

Basically, this meant that I’d walk to work, which was always a closing shift, get home around 1:30am, try to relax, sleep, get up around 2pm, and head back in around 5pm. Day in, day out. Bright side was that I was making better money but it was wrecking me, I was miserable, and no one got my jokes.

I use the past tense because the second reason is that I got a new job. A day job! A job where I can sit, have lunch breaks, not have to been busy every second of every minute of every hour. And be around doggies! Yes, I work for a pet resort and spa, and I am so beyond cool with it that. People even get my jokes and chuckle, telling me how well I fit in.

Imagine that.

So these last two weeks have been adjusting to a new sleep schedule — one that I’m thumbing my nose at right now to write this blog. As such, it’s cut my writing down to feints at poetry. Slowly, though, I’ll adjust and pick up the pace.

So all’s well. There have grocery shopping disasters, inebriated dipsomaniac adventures, jokes galore, and an appreciation for things both simple and complex — and not just in the carbohydrate sense!

Also, Xmoss is coming this weekend. Who knew? I’m engaging in my yearly tradition of reading Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. If you’ve never read it or even Dickens, it’s a wonderful book with which to start. It’s short, most definitely familiar given the copious adaptations, and never ceases to make me smile and appreciate life, the holidays, and the people around me. Give it a read wrapped in a blanket with a warm drink next to you.

More later.


Tabula Rasa

Hello, world.

You might notice some major changes to this site. New theme, sure. A header image that I’m not totally sold on quite yet, and this one single post (for now). If you’re someone who enjoyed this blog and are disappointed that the Freshly Pressed content you once enjoyed is now gone, I’m sorry but it’s gone. All of those posts are now gone and, well, there’s no point in delaying the news but…

The guy who wrote those posts is dead. The truth is, he died many years ago. It was only today that the twitching ended and even then, I had to smash a heavy book on top of him. I speak in metaphors, of course, for we die many deaths. Comedians die all the time, for instance, not just on stage. Me, that is I, the person, who started gonzarro and its antecedent sites The Bourbon Asylum, Not Really A Book Blog Book Blog, and The Domain of the Gonzo Lager had to go away. Seriously, he was bumming me out. A total downer of a person, a shell of the kook he used to be. What’s worse is that he was sucking up all of the creativity, weirdness, and savage humor that used to be the hallmark of The Man I Was.

It was no longer fun writing on this blog. Each time I wanted to write something different or something new, I felt this tremendous pull to Be Consistent with what was going on before. In a way, gonzarro became my public private diary. I’ve shared quite a bit about myself, and not all of it was fun or uplifting. Or even readable. If it felt like a burden to read, understand that it became a huge burden to write. If you’re not enjoying something, they say, nuke it from space! Tear it down. Burn some sage to cleanse the energy. Start fresh. Begin anew. Clear the slate. Fluff the puppy. I don’t know what that last one means but it sounds pretty damn cute.

Think of it as my take on DC’s The New 52 or Marvel’s All-New, All-Different approach. I want there to be less 😦 and more 😀. Maybe I’ll do a check-in with positive news, talk about some movie that I just watched, some epiphany while passing a comic book shop (that’s called foreshadowing, kids), or just plan fanboy over some crazy geeky shit.

Same blog, new adventures. I want this to be a fun place. I want to be a fun place (if you know what I mean, ladies?). So fuck it. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

And… go!