Michelle Wolf is my hero

Before delving further, if you haven’t already, take 20 minutes to watch Michelle Wolf’s set at the Washington Correspondents Dinner. I’ll wait.

In my view, that’s some solid shit right there. The impact it made might wither in a few days but for her time at the podium, Wolf took aim at Trump, Sanders, CNN, Hannity, Maddow, all of Washington, DC, more or less, and hit the target every. damned. time. It was like Wolf cornered the DC press at their own party and told them what she really thought. And it was in front of all of the politicians and luminaries, which had to make it really embarrassing.

And before I continue, I want to stress wholeheartedly that there is No Liberal Media. Also, there is No Conservative Media. There is only a Corporation-Friendly Media. What that means is that the Media will report what works best for its bottom line. Who benefited the most from the constant coverage of the Trump circus more than Trump? CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC. For all the hubbub over coarse material, cruel jokes, bashing Trump, wishing Kellyanne Conway gets stuck under a tree, etc., Wolf’s focus on the utter and miserable failure the Media are is the real story here. DC press love their access, so much so that, because of their failures, our country is currently run by a racist, sexist, petty manchild president and a compliant yet still toothless Congress all of whom possess weapons grade levels of indifference, callousness, and disdain for the very people they are supposed to represent that safety nets are sliced through. We’re supposed to be the Leader of the Free World but people are struggling so much that they resort to crowdfunding to pay for a family member’s funeral arrangements, mom’s cancer bills, or whatever else deep shit Dickensian Hell we have found ourselves in.

Sidenote: Trump didn’t go because he says why should he go to something when he knows he’s going to be made fun of. Dear Fragile Snowflake: You are in charge of the United States of America. It ain’t a TV show and if it was, your ratings would be enough to shitcan you. Even the overnight Quacker Factory segments on QVC has bigger numbers. No, Trump didn’t go because that his skin is so thin as to be translucent. That thin skin also comes with a heaping level of vengeful acidity. Don’t believe me? President Obama once used the Correspondents Dinner to gently rib El Ducheeto’s birtherism. Trump took that shit so hard he’s spent a good deal of his administration undoing Obama’s legacy.

Back to Michelle Wolf and the dinner, just reading reactions from the Washington Post, the New York Times, some of the “press elites“, it’s obvious they don’t like being criticized. For all the charges of “low hanging fruit” or being mean to Uncle Sarah Huckabee, Wolf flat out undressed Washington and its fawning, complicit (if not complacent) press corps. Primo tip, guyz: it’s not Michelle Wolf. It’s you!

Because as much as the Media wants to tell us otherwise she accomplished something very important: she stood up for you and me, the news consumers. They need to know that they’re failing miserably at their job. Because here’s what’s been my issue with The Media since, oh, round about the run-up to the Iraq War: they’re so wrapped up in having access to the White House and Congress that they have been failing fundamentally in their one job.

And by failing in that job, they’ve failed us.

Michelle Wolf is my hero today.



HARRY SULLIVAN IS AN IMBECILE! and I ain’t feelin’ great either…

This is going to be a short one today as I’m having another two-fisted depressive episode…

As mentioned previously, I’ve been working on a new podcast with a fellow Doctor Who enthusiast. If you like Doctor Who and like hearing two men talk about Doctor Who, well, today is your day.

Click here to enjoy episode 1 of HARRY SULLIVAN IS AN IMBECILE: Dr. Who and the Uncanny Valley.

Further Creative Moments.

So here we go with two new images. Nothing special or funky, just fun with Photoshop.

1) Experience In Hades, an artifact from the whimsical woodcuttings of the 18th century comic strip artist, Gnatt Droening.


2) Heartbreak In Hyrule. Poor Link from the original Legend of Zelda. He’s been dumped for a higher bitrate.


Creative Goofing Off

Outside of writing, I’ve been having some uptick in creating stuff. Nothing grand, but a good start on the journey. And what a journey. Where’s a Samwise Gamgee when you need one?

First of two that I’ll share tonight is a video that I put together a few weeks ago of my friend testing his amp. One of the songs he played was “In The Pines”, a song popularized by Lead Belly and Bill Monroe. My friend’s version leans heavily towards Lead Belly’s, come to think of it, with a hint of the Nirvana version. So I recorded it and, a few days later, opted to give the recordings a listen. Suddenly, I felt a nudge, walked around the neighborhood, and shot some video. Then, using some video editing software, I came up with this.

Considering it’s my first hack at video editing in years, I think I still have some of ‘it’.

And the last are just two silly images I mocked up. They’re sort of absurdist hacks on classic video games that I’m thinking I’m going to continue doing so long as I feel the yen. I’ve been sharing them on social media under the #retrogaming hashtag. Below, the guy in Karateka has a strange interlude. I ask that it be known that I agonized for several moments over whether to give the Pac-Man ghosts shadows. I opted not since they’re ghosts and they just don’t have’em. This is the struggle of the artiste!


And in the second, Leisure Suit Larry goes Bezerk.

If you enjoyed these and wouldn’t mind seeing more of what I do, let me know in the comments.

The Max Headroom Incident

Almost thirty years on and it still remains unsolved. On a November 1987 night in Chicago on WTTW-TV, the Doctor Who episode, “The Horror of Fang Rock”, was interrupted by a signal hijack and for the next few minutes, local Whovians gazed upon the disturbing, low-res insanity of this guy.


Imagine to yourself the sort of sick fear that this might have temporarily injected into many young people of the day. This was the second signal hijack after WGN’s Nine O’clock News got intercepted. But that was the boring old news. You’d expect to unsettle the stodgy news viewers. This was targeted at Doctor Who fans, ones who might have a slight awareness of who Max Headroom was as both a character and commercial pitch… construct.

Newcoke_maxheadroomIf you’re unfamiliar with the Max Headroom universe (and shame on you if you are), let me try to give enough context. First seen in the 1985 British film, Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future, Max is a computer-generated artificial intelligence created from the brain waves of Network 23’s star reporter Edison Carter. In the movie and in the US TV series that soon followed, the Max Headroom construct quickly takes on a life of its own and, when threatened with deletion by the network’s boss, he escapes to be a free-spirited, unhindered commentator on media, capitalism, and all points in between. One second you’re watching a nice home shopping channel and the next Max pops up to mention that it’s the one true network because it’s dedicated to nothing but selling things.

The Chicago incident is the same thing, only in a more chilling and perverse fashion.

Granted, it’s not biting commentary or even really related to Doctor Who. But it is an exact replication of what it’d be like if some loose cannon AI infiltrated our communication networks with light kinkplay. In other words, an intrusion on their personal form of media consumption, like the world’s most obnoxious pop-up ad. For the first time ever, we lost the comfort of the familiar and were dropped into a world such as Max’s where an entity could interrupt our regular programming for whatever reason. And much like the TV series, the Max Headroom incident was a direct thumb-to-eye for the FCC and others who consider our airwaves to be sacrosanct. It was also just a really good hack.