Post-Show Euphoria

I’m the dude in the Viking helmet.

Today is a good day. It’s also a recuperating day. Last night, I did ten minutes of material and, frankly, I killed. I wasn’t alone because the other guys on stage also killed. What I experienced last night was a very intense and amazing rush of chemicals shooting through my body.

My girlfriend and a lot of other friends were there to support me, and I know I had friends who couldn’t make it that were supporting me. The crowd was just incredible with high energy and I fed off of it. Stand up comedy feels so nice and right and just what I should’ve been doing all along.

But it’s just one show. My second show. I have two next week that I’m getting ready for.

Bring it on.


I Came, I Saw, I Comedied!

Wednesday night went off pretty much as I had hoped, even better than expected. I didn’t dry (I had words on a note card to jar my memory), I didn’t speed through my act, and I pretty much killed. If were to use a picture to sum it up, it’d be this one.The Author standing triumphant outside Legends Bar.After I got off stage, I got a lot of compliments and feedback from the other comedians there, including a veteran local comic or two who said that I should stick with it. The best part was that the guy who organized the night told me to see him after the show. So I now have a gig lined up for the 25th. I get ten minutes. Time to create more jokes.

It seems I have a good side as a stand up comedian, which I can add to my current gigs as a freelancer and (hope-to-be-published) writer. Things are aligning and I just have to keep at it.

Special shout-out to one of my readers, Lisa. She couldn’t make the gig so she sent me a Doctor Who thermal mug. As far as gifts go, this is awesome! Thanks, Lisa!

Here’s a picture of my mug with my mug.

Dalek t-shirt on point.

Until next time…

Pre-Mic Jitters.

The latest from the Magical Orangutan Laboratories

Tonight, I dip my toe in Open Mic comedy. Five minutes of material that’ll hopefully lead to fame or free drinks. I’m good with either. So long as I’m not tarred, feathered, and tossed into the Ohio river, I’ll be good.

I’ve always been naturally funny, someone who could riff off one-liners “in the moment”, but I always had trouble writing a stand up bit. This is one of the reasons it’s taken me so long to even venture on stage to tell jokes. Writing comedy is a lot harder than regular writing because not only must you come up with ideas, you need to come up with funny ideas. Thankfully, there are many resources, like books and websites, that help you play around with structure, formulas, and the like to produce material. Also, writing stand differs from regular writing because you’re writing what is basically dialogue for yourself. It’s a different form of narrative than you would find in your basic third-person narrative writing. It helps to write dialogue like Faulkner, I suppose.

One joke less. One joke less.

Tonight’s open mic is happening in my home town of Cheviot, OH. I had a joke at one point that went like this:

This is a bit of a homecoming for me. I’m from here — not the bar, but Cheviot. Cheviot was my home, Cheviot was where I grew up, and, judging by your response so far, it looks like I’m going to die in Cheviot.

In the end, I took it out. However, if I’m not getting the laughs I hope I do from the rest of my material, I might slide it back in.

Cheviot can probably be considered a Conservative neighborhood, and since I’m pretty leftie, my act is steering clear of politics. Hopefully, what I’ve written is funny, it’s definitely me, and with the help of a note card, I won’t blank on stage.

Will report back tomorrow.

Art Monday 11/07/16: Reverend Frost (Infected)

From time to time, to relieve the anxiety of days and nights, I like to draw things on paper. If I’m feeling like it could use some extra oomph, I’ll sometimes scan it into my computer and add a bit of Photoshop fun. So it is with that prattling little preamble that I am starting a new feature of items from my sketchbooks called Art Monday.

By no means do I consider myself an artist, except in the Art Brut or Outsider Art sense, I merely draw to entertain myself. My artist inspirations/aspirations are Gary Larson humor mixed with the macabre sensibilities of Charles Addams laced with the ennui of Edward Gorey and sprinkled with the decadently deranged Gahan Wilson.

When I drew this last night, I was in a dreadful horror mood and did up a quick little sketch up of a poor man of the cloth. From there, I imported it into my computer and began playing around, erasing old pen marks, dust from the paper, and adding elements to the picture. Because I thought this would make a lovely portrait, I gave it a frame and a gloomy background to produce a piece that I like to call Reverend Frost (Infected).

I’ll leave it to you to create your own little story of what arcane and forbidden evils were visited upon our poor vicar.