I Came, I Saw, I Comedied!

Wednesday night went off pretty much as I had hoped, even better than expected. I didn’t dry (I had words on a note card to jar my memory), I didn’t speed through my act, and I pretty much killed. If were to use a picture to sum it up, it’d be this one.The Author standing triumphant outside Legends Bar.After I got off stage, I got a lot of compliments and feedback from the other comedians there, including a veteran local comic or two who said that I should stick with it. The best part was that the guy who organized the night told me to see him after the show. So I now have a gig lined up for the 25th. I get ten minutes. Time to create more jokes.

It seems I have a good side as a stand up comedian, which I can add to my current gigs as a freelancer and (hope-to-be-published) writer. Things are aligning and I just have to keep at it.

Special shout-out to one of my readers, Lisa. She couldn’t make the gig so she sent me a Doctor Who thermal mug. As far as gifts go, this is awesome! Thanks, Lisa!

Here’s a picture of my mug with my mug.

Dalek t-shirt on point.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Comedied!

  1. Glad it went well Brian, that’s amazing that you have got another gig! Do you have a YouTube? I’m doing my first bit of stand up in July! Any pointers would be great!? Just having it all memorised is doing me in a bit like.

    • Thanks. I have some videos up on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tU3Z3MRI2Q&list=PLis_nTf0i7PPH5bln29_MZtD2UyBAF43j). Enjoy.

      As for pointers, just do it. Since I’m just starting, I still use note cards to remind myself (also because I often don’t rehearse as much as I should). Also, enjoy the moment. Don’t overthink it. Sometimes, you’re going to have audiences that don’t have any energy and you’ve got to work with it. I’m still learning. Good luck! Let me know how you do.

      • I will do Brian, thanks for your comment. I’ll check it out too.. Im just in the process of getting things to say to the audience but I guess like you said it’s kind of the vibe you get when to interact. Thanks man

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