Ranting Impotently: Election 2016 edition: WT(rump)F?!

Be happy you can't see this image.

Nightmare fuel courtesy Illma Gore ©2016

The Fickle Middle Finger To Reason that Donald Trump said something stupid. Again. I say again but at this point, the Talking Cheetoh only it on days that have the word “day” in them. Which, if he wins, he’ll probably outlaw the word “day” because fuck you, really.

The latest one had to do with ol’ Don spinning the hackneyed talking point Republican/Conservative canard that Hillary RC was going to take away their guns. Just like Obama and Bill Clinton didn’t do but hey, it sure helped the coffers of the NRA. Anyway, the Living Foot-In-Mouth said this:

“If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks,” Trump said with a shrug at a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina. “Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t know.”

This man uses more dog whistles than a sadist at a kennel.

Naturally, the Trump Campaign HQ tried to put out this shit fire with some shit water, saying,

“It’s called the power of unification–2nd Amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power.”

Maybe the Trump folks should hit up Khizr Khan’s offer to borrow his copy of the Constitution because there’s nothing about unifying in the Second Amendment which states:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Nothing of the people who ardently follow the Sebaceous Cyst Demagogue strikes me as “well-regulated”. Heck, I don’t even think his true believers are even well-medicated, well-educated or whether some of their family trees are well-bifurcated. Without going into the intent and the modern interpretations because that’s just stage dressing in this instance. Because what Trumpo Giggio is setting a table for is far more insidious than his recent diatribes on the election being stolen from him or that the debates are rigged or whatever. No, if Hillary wins and gets to choose Supreme Court nominees? Then the game’s over. Oh yeah? Well, not in my ‘merika.

To unsay — because he is a master at not actually saying a hateful thing — that someone should utilize the old Second Amendment solution to Hillary or any of her SCOTUS picks it not only dangerous but it also undermines this process. Suggesting the assassination of a democratically elected representative or gunning down court picks is downright criminal thuggery reserved for the most corrupt of governments. For a group that’s so wired in to the concept of American Exceptionalism, which means being an example to the world in all of its hubristic nature. Offing the one that the majority of the people chose vanquish those lofty ideals. That he does it as representative of the one party that has kneecapped government by not working — even refusing to consider an Obama-picked Supreme Court nom after the election which is itself unconstitutional.

And yet, why are we shocked? Why are we surprised that he said it? And why are we surprised that many of Turnip Face’s followers aren’t denouncing it? Because we hear everyday about a new thing: his isolationist tactics, his threats to make other countries pay, deport immigrants, imprison all Muslims, use nukes to threaten other countries… it’s all been building up to this moment so are we surprised that people are defending Drumpf?

Because… remember way back in January when he said this?

“I have the most loyal people? Did you ever see that? I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

It’s that loyalty to him that should concern us.


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