Creative Goofing Off

Outside of writing, I’ve been having some uptick in creating stuff. Nothing grand, but a good start on the journey. And what a journey. Where’s a Samwise Gamgee when you need one?

First of two that I’ll share tonight is a video that I put together a few weeks ago of my friend testing his amp. One of the songs he played was “In The Pines”, a song popularized by Lead Belly and Bill Monroe. My friend’s version leans heavily towards Lead Belly’s, come to think of it, with a hint of the Nirvana version. So I recorded it and, a few days later, opted to give the recordings a listen. Suddenly, I felt a nudge, walked around the neighborhood, and shot some video. Then, using some video editing software, I came up with this.

Considering it’s my first hack at video editing in years, I think I still have some of ‘it’.

And the last are just two silly images I mocked up. They’re sort of absurdist hacks on classic video games that I’m thinking I’m going to continue doing so long as I feel the yen. I’ve been sharing them on social media under the #retrogaming hashtag. Below, the guy in Karateka has a strange interlude. I ask that it be known that I agonized for several moments over whether to give the Pac-Man ghosts shadows. I opted not since they’re ghosts and they just don’t have’em. This is the struggle of the artiste!


And in the second, Leisure Suit Larry goes Bezerk.

If you enjoyed these and wouldn’t mind seeing more of what I do, let me know in the comments.


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