Mucking. Muck.

Bonjour, pebbles amongst the avalanche of a crumbling society. Bear with me, I’m doing battle with a nifty little rhinovirus (aka, a cold), so the usual brilliance we serve in this blog has been replaced with Folger’s Crystals. Let’s see if you can tell the difference.

I changed the view here. I like this much better. It speaks to me. Purple and black are two of my favorite colors. Vous? Non? Oui? D’accorde!

The old brain is a jumble right now. The seconds are ticking by and I’m still staring at the menu wondering what the fuck I’m going to choose. Do I take the debt-ridden convenience store clerk route or maybe try combining whatever fuck skills I have into something interesting? And if I chose that, where do I start, who do I contact, what’s a path? It’s one thing to have an idea where you’re going but the psychic compass I got is spinning like a dervish on cocaine in zero-gravity.

Pardon the dust, folks. There’s a sense of confusion and being overwhelmed here and it’s making my anxiety skip around. Simplify, that’s what I need to do. Follow my passion, or maybe just do a job and take the passion with me. Meta-career advice. The thing is, I’m impatient. Maybe impetuous. Although, I also exhibit a tendency towards indecision. I don’t know what I wanna do but I’m going to do it NOW!

Beat the Reaper.

The drawback to all of this anarchic and archaic mishmash is that it leaves me spinning my wheels. It’s hard to contextualize your career path when you get so caught up in What If’s and What The Fuck’s and especially Wherefore To Head’s? It’s not an enviable position when you’re in your 20’s, and it’s even worse when you’re doing it in middle age. In fact, it’s totes worse. All the totes!

So here’s a list of things that I enjoy doing:

  1. Writing.
  2. Video/Audio Editing.
  3. Learning New Things.
  4. Learning, relearning, and utilizing coding skills.
  5. Sitting on my ass pontificating about shiznit whilst consuming heavy doses of media.

I mean, those have to be marketable skills somewhere, right?

Another question scritchy-scratching in the back of my brain is Why Do I Blog? I suppose it’s the easiest way of getting published, but outside of it just being a general journal, I really am not sure what benefit there is… beside the whole writing muscle.

Maybe I’m being too much the artiste in this tortured search for relevance, enjoyment, and overall purpose.

I just blew my nose. You might think it’s gross, but it’s snot.

Yeah, I’m going to end on a gross pun. Good day!


2 thoughts on “Mucking. Muck.

  1. Another good, honest blog. I think you’ll find your niche. Although many great writers have worked in other fields until their work was a success. Right now, Rob Hartzell is starting to make his mark. You can too.

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