Writing Advice (prose)

Write like you know.
Write angry.
Write pure.

Slice your skin
Crack your skull
Bleed your words.

Grasp your world.
Tell your world.
Sell your world.

Make details sparse.
Impressionism sets color
In your reader’s eyes.

Avoid maudlin.
Bleak for bleak’s sake
Is dried-up shit.

Clean, efficient prose
Let loose, give forth
Unencumbered words.

Challenge ideas.
Avoid safety.
Trust your reader.

Be contradictory.
Finish sooner than beginning,
Not every loose end snipped.

Go forth and be fruitful
Stay fertile.
Fecund soil.

Bloody giving birth,
Bloody writing.
Bloody until death.

Leave it all on the page.
Do it again.


Go on. Say something.

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