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I’ve quit coffee.

Okay, I haven’t really quit coffee. I just can’t afford to buy more. So this is Day 2 of gonz-off-coffee. I’m tired. My only intake of caffeine is tea. Green tea, brown tea, tea in a cup, tea in a mug. I’m probably taking in as much caffeine per diem as one cup of coffee but since it’s tea, I’m not getting the full coffee jolt. Instead, it gets released through the day. And I want to sleep.

Stop! Murraytime.

Stop! Murraytime.

I’ve been focused on a few other offline projects, which is why things got quiet here. At the moment, I’m scrambling for work. And to get my car fixed. And hoping to hear on a couple job offers. And… well… you get the picture. It’s still a brutal life out there and I’m fatigued with having to start from Square One every single day. I don’t feel like there’s any progress being made, despite the numerous calls, applications, and other things I’ve been oiling. It’s frustrating, it’s depressing, and it’s not how I want to live right now. I wish there was a movie or something that properly communicated the palatable ennui I get with having to do the same thing over and over and over and over.

Is someone playing Sonny & Cher?

I have a very good friend who has been been beyond-the-call-of-duty helpful. I’m quite prone to agitation, anxiety, and low self-esteem, which she’s been masterful at knocking me out of. Certainly, it’s distraction thinking and reframing my problems without assigning values to them, but they work. She’s Buddhist and I’m quite intrigued by a lot of what Buddhism has to offer as a philosophy and science. A few nights ago, after I mentioned that I was running out of food, she said she would over bring a box of spaghetti. When she showed up, she had bags and bags of groceries. She’s that kind of friend.

There’s a good post over on Rules of Stupid that deals with the current SEO phenomenon and how bloggers like me and others don’t really need to worry about it because WordPress got that shit handled, yo. I’m not sure about others but I know I’m not going to get rich writing this blog because, well, right now I do not have anything to sell. And that’s fine. I have a modest audience of good folks and that’s good. I don’t need a marketing strategy or need a brand. I’ve got my Tom Baker figurine holding a Don’t Panic button atop a Rubik’s Cube. Certainly, I’ll share new posts on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Just because I don’t want to monetize doesn’t mean I don’t want some traffic.

Is there anything more ludicrous than the thought of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs?