Trump and Null Hypothesis


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Perhaps, you’ve seen the footage or read the news. Trump possibly made fun of a disabled gent when, during a portion of his speech, he made spasmodic gestures and stuttered his speech.

I hope that I’m not the only one who sees this as, at its worst, a blatant insult punching down on a human or, at its best, diabolically ignorant conceit. The more we learn about what sort of despicableness there is to learn about Trump, the more some people see him as a fully competent candidate. This is bad stuff. But is this whole Trump thing for real?

gruntI have a hypothesis. Bear with me.

What if, all of this time, Donald Trump’s candidacy was, in fact, a hoax? I mean, what if this is a con on a level which we haven’t seen since Andy Kaufman wrestled women and Jerry Lawler?

What’s worse, what if it’s a hoax and no one is catching on? I know this suggests viewing Trump in a sympathetic light. But what if this was an obvious campaign of odiousness designed to wake us up to the depraved depths which our political system has sunk? Maybe Trump was banking on some decency and repudiation. Perhaps, he thought we’d give his campaign the same relevance and attention that we gave Pat Paulsen all of those years. However, instead of being reviled and turned away from in disgust, seemingly some people have responded with the opposite. They love him. So perhaps, to turn them away, he gets spouts more repugnant things. And people buy into what he’s saying because he “speaks his mind.”

Then it becomes a dare: how far can I go? So he says more insane bullshit, only he gets cheers. His speeches begin to condone a creeping fascism and he receives a standing ovation. Suddenly, it gets out of hand.

With every vile and ugly utterance, Trump discovers that there’s no way to lose these “supporters.” And this begins to have severe effects on the candidate. One can sense the weariness that Trump faces, the soul crushingly brutal loss of faith in his fellow humans as he tries to think of something, anything that will turn these people away. There must be some line in the sand that you don’t cross.

Trumps says to his advisors, “I made blatantly obvious jokes about a disabled guy. And the people who call me out on it are drowned out by those say it’s an exaggeration.”

Tears begin to fill in his eyes as he looks at his team. They see whatever essence of hope and decency die a weak, futile death. They hear Trump sigh.

“I’m going to have to rape an abortion for these people to get it, aren’t I?”

Toxicity levels increasing. Democracy failing. Anger building.

End of the experiment.


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