Fiction: Mrs. Stanislav


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Since I’ve been going hot and heavy with the dark and the depression, I thought it’d be nice to give you a nice little fable. This silly little story comes from the notebooks.


MRS. STANISLAV: An Anatomically Punny Parable

Mrs. Stanislav had a problem. Her nose would run so. And she could never catch it, because it wasn’t contagious.

It would go on the roof. She’d have to use a mop to clean up the mess.

She tried to hire a private eye to sniff out her nose, but he went out to see and never came back. Since the private dick was limp and useless, she got a hired hand. He could grasp the situation enough though he was all thumbs. However, he was clever enough to do his own footwork. A step in the right direction led him to the belly of the beast. The situation came to a head. The nose was brought down by someone on the inside; a mole in the operation. Angered, the nose took Mrs. Stanislav to court but it didn’t have a leg to stand on. Defeated, it just had to face the music. One hoped that it could stomach it.

With a job well done, the hired hand patted himself on the back. He’d no longer be the butt of anyone’s jokes. In the end, he came out smiling.

Mrs. Stanislave, meanwhile, was able to bring her nose to its senses. As far as the eye could see, the nose was broken, its spirit a shadow of its former self. No more was ever said about the matter because loose lips… well, you know the rest.

Together again, Mrs. Stanislav was able to face another day. She preferred Fridays.

You might think this story is really silly. But it’s snot.



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